Kids City

Kids City is. It is spread in 4240 sq.metre area having

Kids’ City is a miniature world designed for kids between the ages of 5 to 14. It is their own little mini-city where they can get the best of education as well as entertainment at the same time. It is a replica of a city with roads, vehicles and a whole lot of activities like bank, fire station, science lab, radio station, police station, court room and prison, dental as well as medical hospital, theatre, BRTS, heritage gallery, town governance, IT centre, News room, ice-cream factory, etc..

Parents can register and leave their kids in Kids’ City under the guidance of Supervisors for as long as 3 hours per batch or 9 hours in a day. It is a very educative, extremely exciting, exceptionally interactive and totally safe service that is now available for the first time in India.

In the simulated buildings, kids also get uniforms and equipments to play the role of various occupations that adults have like doctors, RJs, firefighters and manufacturers, just as in real life. In addition, the VirMos (currency of Kids’ City) help the kids learn the true worth of money and also get to know the art of spending wisely and saving money for better things. Unlike theoretical knowledge, the highly practical experience that Kids’ City offers is much more effective and the best part is that kids never get bored of it! So kids, get ready to enter the land of great fun and true learning.

How to enter Kids’ City
Helping your kid get into Kids’ City and enjoy its benefits is really easy. All a child’s parent or teacher needs to do is get the kid registered the first time they pay a visit. A personalized Smart Card with unique ID, photograph and signature will be issued to each kid and this needs to be brought along in each visit to Kids’ City.

On each visit, the entry ticket will entitle the kid to a minimum of 3 activities of nearly 15 minutes each. Kids will also be given RFID wrist bands to keep a track of their activities. On performing each activity, kids will be entitled to earn VirMos, which can be later spent by them on goods and services available in Kids’ City. The earned VirMos will be credited or debited in kid’s savings account in the virtual bank. Services

Parents lounge
While their kids are having a gala time in Kids’ City, the parents can also take a break and unwind at the Parent Lounge. There’s a TV room and provisions for food and beverage as well. In addition, there are galleries depicting the culture and heritage of the state where they can spend their leisure time.

First Aid Room
Kids’ City also has a well-equipped first-aid room that can cater to any sort of mishaps. The safety of kids is our greatest concern and all sorts of precautions are taken in all places and for all activities undertaken.

Lost & Found
In case the kids lose any property belonging to them, there’s a Lost & Found area where they can look for the lost things. Kids are also taught to submit others’ things that they find in the premises.

Missing Parents & Children
Utmost care is taken for safety of kids. Out security cameras in all rooms and the RFID tracking system ensure your kids will within your reach each moment inside Kids’ City. On top of that, we have a set of volunteers ready to immediately help in case there is case of missing children or parents.

We ensure that all our visitors are perfectly safe inside the Kids’ City. Along with the presence of volunteers and security guards, proper arrangements are made, including fire .

You can also visit kidscity website at www.kidscityamdavad.com

Timing for Visiting

10.00 am to 10.00pm (at 9.00 pm tkt window closed)


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